Project ‘Nieuw Nederland’ /// 2021
Part of We Are Warming Up Festival /// 2021

Collaboration with Jette Kelholt and Talisa Kiyiya. By means of a two-week bike ride along the NAP line (line that marks where the water would be if the dikes break), we entered into a conversation with people about climate change and what consequences this could have for the Netherlands. We used the NAP line (Normaal Amsterdams Pijl) as a metaphor for how vulnerable our country is when the sea level continues to rise. During our route we spoke to residents on this borderline, who will live by the sea in the future, and we asked them what they think about the advancing water. Are they preparing for the consequences of climate change – and how? In addition, we met experts in the field of climate change, politics, flood disaster surrender and Elfstedentocht Organizer on this subject and complete a 6-part podcast series from this. This was part of the ‘We Are Warming Up’ festival, which reached every year in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

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