Two lightboxes with photograps of a building on the oposite side of my house /// 2021 /// 25x35cm

I live on the 5th floor of a building. It is the top floor and I think it will be around 20 meters from the ground. The top of the trees are my view. I like to have my curtains open, to look outside. There is another flat parallel to mine, with twelve floors. Some people have their curtains open all day, some I see watching television. Others are getting a cup of tea in the kitchen. Watching them means that they can watch me. That doesn’t scare me. These strangers are not so strange, I know some of them by their looks and lights they like, soft lights in the living room, or tl lights. The most left house from the ninth floor always has moving Christmas lights on their balcony. Two apartments to the right always have their curtains closed. I’m wondering what is there to hide. It is quite intimate, we share the inside of our houses with each other. We are actually far away roommates. If so many people can see the inside of my house, maybe my house becomes, for a little bit, public space.